App SUPERCASA - Discover your new home
Discover your new home
App SUPERCASA - Discover your new home
Discover your new home

Services for super private advertisers!

Positioning Highlight30 days

Placement highlight, where your ad will have priority over the others that are not featured. The highlighted ads are sorted by filling in information, photos, etc.
Start now to receive contacts from thousands of SUPERCASA visitors and highlight your ad!

Positioning Highlight24 hours

Increase the visibility of your rental ad, placing it in the top positions of the property listing, for 24 hours.
The ad will return to its position after the highlight period.

Visual Highlight

Using a background color different from other non-highlighted ads, draw attention to your ads. It is assigned in any position where the ad is, and has the possibility of inserting a custom title.
For best results, combine this highlight with the positioning highlight.

International Highlight

Improve your ad placement by language! Ads with this feature appear at the top of property listings in searches and with priority over other non-highlighted ads, by language.
Feature valid for 30 days

Property Appraisal by Infocasa

It compares information and extracts a complete report with data on market evolution, location, among other data...
If you are interested in a property, check if the value of the deal is within the average in the chosen location
If you have a property to sell, compare information with real data and set a price based on the current market

Advertising canvas

Purchase advertising canvas to capture more contacts! Many of the qualified contacts come from boards/canvas applied to windows and balconies. For those looking for property in a specific location, it is a great means of local promotion!
The pack includes: 70 x 50 cm canvas + cable ties + 1 permanent marker