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Whatsapp for property consultants: discover the advantages

16 NOVEMBER 2023
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Did you know that Whatsapp is increasingly used by real estate agents to facilitate communication with clients and promote property adverts?
Whatsapp for property consultants: discover the advantages
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Author: Redaction

Whatsapp is a multiplatform application that allows you to send instant messages and voice calls, as well as multimedia content such as images and videos, PDF documents and website links. However, what is the advantage of this tool for the property sector? 

It may seem like a simple tool, but since the creation of WhatsApp Business, in which new features have been added that can help property consultants to serve their clients and promote their property adverts, this means of communication has become relevant to the sector and has begun to form part of the day-to-day processes of real estate brokerage, prospecting and canvassing.

This instant communication tool can revolutionise the way consultants connect with their clients through direct, active and personalised contact.

What are the best features for consultants?

    - Business profile: offers the possibility of providing users with all the information relating to your activity, such as your contact details and working hours;

    - Statistics: you can easily visualise data on contacts made, such as the number of messages sent, delivered and read;

    - Automatic replies: send an immediate automatic reply of greetings to potential clients' contacts, or notify them that you will reply soon;

    - Sending documents: you can easily share all kinds of multimedia files, links to product pages or other relevant documents with your customers;

    - Labels: segment your customers with labels so that you can easily distinguish between customers looking for a house, customers selling a house, types of budget, location, etc.

Benefits of selling via WhatsApp

1. Immediate and unlimited contact

Most users read the messages they receive on this platform in a short space of time, which means you'll be able to reach your customers more easily, know that they've received your message and respond more quickly, which makes communication faster and more effective.

This means you can answer any questions the potential buyer may have and provide all the necessary information easily and without limits, since WhatsApp doesn't impose character limits and allows you to send all kinds of content.

2. Share the best properties in your portfolio

Use WhatsApp to publicise your property portfolio to various recipients via broadcast lists. In other words, you can create lists of contacts and select which ones you want to share your properties with, without having to select the same contacts each time you send.

You can also create a catalogue to display your properties, where you can update their status, acting as a digital property showcase.

Once you've captivated the potential client and made a face-to-face visit to the property, send a message reminding them of the property's advantages, thus strengthening the relationship with the buyer and speeding up the sales process.

3. Security

Messages sent via WhatsApp are encrypted, which means that all chats are encrypted as the data travels between devices. Encryption converts the data into coded text that only the sender and recipient can see. Even so, it is advisable not to share sensitive data and important documents.

4. Resource optimisation

Using a chatbot on WhatsApp allows you to automate many of the daily communications you have to carry out, saving you time and allowing you to use your resources to create more complex and personalised interactions.

Chatbots are also a useful tool for identifying and qualifying potential customers automatically, collecting essential information and targeting only the information that interests you.

5. Customer satisfaction

Quick, personalised responses generate satisfied customers. Fast and effective communication will enable you to improve customer service, while remaining relevant and competitive in the digital marketplace.

Even after the sale has been finalised, you'll find a channel that allows you to build customer loyalty and guarantee ongoing satisfaction. Send follow-up messages, ask for feedback or offer additional support with this tool.

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