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Video Marketing: the trend that could change your business

8 四月 2024
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Find out more about this strategy and why it's so effective, not only because it offers a close-up view of the property, but above all because it captures the public's attention.
Video Marketing: the trend that could change your business
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There are many strategies for capturing the attention of potential clients, but there are some that are more effective and more effective than others. Being a real estate agent in a volatile and constantly evolving market means being aware of these tricks, knowing exactly how to use them and how they effectively capture the attention of the people you want to reach.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you diversify your advertising and get more potential clients for your properties is through video marketing, taking advantage of the fact that we live in a highly technological society, accustomed to short, animated content, to advertise your portfolio of properties for sale.

How can you take advantage of video marketing?

Video marketing can indeed be an excellent way to boost your business, and we'll explain why!

Firstly, it's important to start by cementing a strong online presence, particularly on social media platforms such as TikTok or Instagram. On these platforms, you'll be able to reach more potential buyers and active sellers, who will see your content and connect with you if they like what you post.

In this situation, through videos, you can show your knowledge of the sector, build your brand and publicise your properties, for example by showing the inside of the house and talking about its added value.

We'll tell you exactly what you need to do to get the best results:

Share home videos of the properties you're selling, showing off your strengths and creating empathy between you and the people who will view the video, creating a desire to visit the property and eventually arrange a viewing;

- Share these videos by message with your potential buyer contacts, increasing the chances of reaching the ideal buyer;

In the USA, a study was carried out by the National Association of Realtors which shows that adverts with videos get 403% more views, so it's extremely important to invest in this type of multimedia content.

How do you create a video and what content can you share to generate interest?

Before venturing into videos, it's important to know exactly what kind of content you want to share. You could just post videos showing the houses you're selling, but to make your social media even more interesting, you could consider creating short videos with informative content, either about questions potential buyers might have about buying or selling a house, such as bureaucratic issues, or about tips or other property trivia.

Some topics you can explore:

Lifestyle tips, such as decoration, building work, design, space creation and other issues that influence home environments;

- Information on home loans. As this is a highly sought-after topic for people interested in buying a house, you're sure to get views from potential buyers interested in finding out more about financing a property;

Bureaucracy and documentation associated with buying or selling a house;

- Curiosities about you and your agency, to establish a closer relationship between you and potential clients.

To develop property videos or any video on any of the topics we've suggested above, it' s important that you have at least some basic knowledge of how video editing works, and you can use someone with knowledge of the area or, within your team, people with more creative ideas. However, if you don't have these skills or don't know anyone who can help you, there are already some tools that, using artificial intelligence, can simplify the process. Even so, it is recommended that this is a manual development, with critical intervention.

As long as you make appealing scripts and pay attention to aesthetics, you won't need to do a lot of editing or be a professional video maker, because with simple things you can easily capture people's attention and reach exactly who you want to reach.

Create animated videos, using clear, recognisable speech and a good aesthetic appearance. One of the tricks to getting more impressions is to use subtitles, allowing for a greater reach and permanence rate in the video.

How to record a good property video?

It's important that you make sure the property looks good before you start recording, because a well-kept, appealing and bright image will influence the reception of your content, making more potential buyers want to visit.

So prepare the property for the video, making sure that:

- The rooms are well lit (open windows, curtains and take advantage of natural light);

- The spaces are tidy and clean, with no distracting objects or noise.

When editing the video, take these guidelines into account:

- Make sure there is a leading line between shots, which show a natural passage through the various rooms of the house and make the person watching the video feel as if they were actually in the property;

- Design a clear and appealing script that captures the viewers' attention and keeps them focused on the content , being able to talk about the property, its history and its key points;

- Integrate information such as price, areas and typology, in text form or through subtitles in the voiceover.

The most important thing to remember is that, for a good property video, you must be able to capture a good image of the property, complementing it with a voice-over, or a person presenting it, describing its advantages and features, or animated elements that indicate these details. This way, you'll be able to capture your audience's attention and get them interested in the property.

Key tips for a good video

1. Organise the environment of the house before recording

As we explained above, it's important to capture a good image of the property, making it appealing and creating desire for the potential client. So clean, tidy, light and organise it strategically.

2. Add captions and other visual elements

The image alone doesn't count, as you need to attract the potential client's attention through small elements that can differentiate the attention spent watching the video. Choose to add subtitles, which will retain the attention of those who don't watch videos with sound, for example, and add textual details that indicate price, typology or key points of the house's characteristics that appear throughout the video.

3. Create a good script

Plan the video in advance, knowing exactly what to record, how you want to record it and what you can incorporate to make it even more appealing, writing the script and establishing exactly how many minutes it should be.

4. Choose good equipment and experienced people

If you can capture a video using a professional camera, do it. However, if you can't, see if your mobile phone has a good image and if you can get a video of similar quality from the device.

Where should you publicise your videos?

Once you've made the video itself, the most important step is to know exactly where you should publish it. The good news is that, if you work with the eGO Real Estate CRM, you can share your adverts directly on social media and, with them, the property videos that go with them, as they are integrated into it and you then receive the leads directly in your CRM. This is an integration advantage that makes managing your business easier.

When publishing properties on SUPERCASA, it is always recommended that you include videos of the property, as this will have an impact on the quality of your adverts and will benefit them in searches.

If you don't already advertise your properties on SUPERCASA, you should consider doing so, as you'll be choosing not only a portal that gives you access to performance metrics for your adverts, but also one of Portugal's most notorious and growing portals. 

Fotografia Imobiliária Dicas Imóveis Mercado Imobiliário Portais Imobiliários Imobiliárias Investimento Imobiliário Mediação Imobiliária Negócios Imobiliários Projetos Imobiliários Promoção Imobiliária Marketing Digital Tecnologia SUPERCASA eGORealEstate Redes Sociais Home Staging
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